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Being Africa’s most widely scoped ISO 17025:207 materials testing laboratory involves a significant focus on maintaining the highest quality standards – something that One Eighty is well-known for globally.

It is also involves a large amount of quality management, and ongoing checks and balances and documentation. Periodically, we are audited by SANAS in order to maintain our ISO accreditation for our accredited tests and we continually add new tests to this scope. This is a very onerous process.

The person responsible for this at One Eighty is our quality manager, Nicoleen. We asked her a few questions about her role.

How long have you worked at One Eighty?
Four years

What is your current role and what does that entail?
My current role entails that the Conformity Assessment Body (namely One Eighty) meets its obligations as specified in the SANAS terms and conditions of our Accreditation and that One Eighty complies with the Accreditation requirements.

I also ensure that our quality management system is implemented and followed at all times and that all results released are authorised by the approved Technical Signatory. I notify the relevant Accreditation Manager if there are any significant changes in the Conformity Assessment Body (One Eighty).

What do you love most about working for One Eighty?
Working with engineers who are innovative and passionate about bringing solutions to real life problems.

What inspires you?
Personally, I am inspired by my drive to constantly expand my work and my role and become a true expert in my field. In other people, I am inspired by people who overcome adversity and beat the odds.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?
Spending leisure time with friends and family and going for walks

What is your favourite quote?
“Chase excellence, success will come right behind it.”

Nicoleen van Blerk
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