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One Eighty offers a thorough and holistic root case failure investigation service

Why is failure investigation necessary?

  • Insurance Claim
  • Liability Claim
  • Product / Process failure


What organisations need failure investigation?

  • Owners and managers of assets such as ships, vessels, vehicles and equipment
  • Manufacturers who experience product and process failures
    • Product & Process failures
    • Fabricators involved in activities such as welding, drawing, forming, forging


One Eighty’s methodology:

  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis
  • Mechanical Calculations
    • Fatigue, static stress analysis, dynamic stress
  • Chemical Calculations
    • Corrosion, oxidation, UV exposure
  • Testing of failed part
    • Various metallurgical & Materials tests
  • Site visits, interviews and investigations


The outcome of successful failure investigations

  • Solutions that customers can use
  • Reliable solutions
  • Cost effective solutions
Root Cause Failure Investogation
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One_Eighty_Materials_Testing_Root_Cause_Failure_Investigation (1 (2)

Dr Janet Cotton explains One Eighty's holistic approach to root cause failure investigation

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