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One Eighty has extensive consulting engineering and expert witness experience in the following fields:

  • Metallurgical engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • Welding engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

As an accredited firm of professional engineers for over 17 years, One Eighty frequently consults as an expert witnesses in a variety of areas including failure investigations and a wide range of technical problems from production issues to product faults.

One Eighty’s expertise extends to metallic and non-metallic materials, as well as organic and inorganic chemicals.

Dr Janet Cotton, Founder and Director of One Eighty, has impressive qualifications, namely:

  • Eng. (Materials Engineering)
  • PhD (Materials Engineering) UCT Material Science
  • PrEng ECSA

Janet’s experience includes:

  • Janet has been the director of One Eighty (Pty) Ltd for 17 years
  • Lead Consulting Engineer, Failure Investigation, Problem Solving, Materials Selection, Expert Witness, Business Owner
  • Lead Research and Development Engineer Advanced Materials
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