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Welding engineering consulting is a key component of metallurgy

One Eighty Technology Partner offers a dynamic and bespoke Weld Verification Value Proposition.

SAIW member requirements include NDT Test data, mechanical test data, troubleshooting when required, fast turnaround time for reports, compliance, traceability, reliability and above all, peace of mind.

One Eighty offers a dynamic and bespoke solution to Weld Verification Procedure:
As the most widely scoped laboratory in Africa, we offer on-site testing which includes tests for duplex welding, Ferrite count, and a  full range of corrosion tests. The services that fall under our ISO 17025 Accreditation include mechanical testing, NDT data and trouble shooting. We insist on in-depth and intelligent results that protect your business. As an added benefit, we organize the transport of samples to and from our laboratory.
Additional services include weld consumable testing (testing of metallic and non-metallic components), stock material testing, weld procedure development by IWE and weld procedure sign off IWE.

The value of our service to SAIW and their clients includes:

  • Accurate, verified, traceable and timeous data
  • Enable fast turn out of welding consumables
  • Professional support
  • ISO 17025:2017 -accredited data
  • Reliability, repeatability and peace of mind
Weld Procedure Qualification
One_Eighty_Materials_Testing_Weld_Procedure_Qualification (2)
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