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Why is it so important, as a customer, to have one’s testing done by an accredited laboratory? Why is an accredited test so important?

Being ISO 17025 accredited means having systems and testing procedures that are verified internally and accredited by an outside body.

Accredited test methods include the calculation of uncertainty, certified reference materials are used in most test methods, equipment has been calibrated, correct training has been conducted all which are factors that add to the specificity of the test method and the overall end test result and data generated which is given to the client.

An accredited test method, for example, a tensile test, guarantees traceability, to all aspects of the test, from drop off sample to delivery of the test report to the client. An accredited test method protects the interest of the client while also meeting standard ISO requirements. There is a level of confidence that accompanies accredited test results, which is not only an asset to the accredited facility but more importantly, accredited test methods are deemed fit for purpose and a client can rest assured knowing that the results will have met standard requirements.

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