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As Fabrinox is renowned for their ability to deliver on any fabrication challenge from around the world, their team is often faced with obscure and abnormal project requests. When jobs like this come in, Jan-Paul’s support is significant as he offers advice on the feasibility, best practices and time management of the welding procedures. This enables Fabrinox to provide their client with a realistic and fair quotation.

Coordinated by Jan-Paul, One Eighty’s primary service to Fabrinox is the design, inspection, testing and certification of welding procedures according to both American and international standards. Jan-Paul applies his extensive knowledge of welding practice to design procedures that will qualify Fabrinox for a broad range of welds. This process involves selecting a combination of inputs, parameters and consumables that will result in a test coupon which is designed to pass the relevant destructive and non-destructive testing. If required, one of One Eighty’s welding inspectors will then witness the welding of the test coupon and make record of the variables. The coupon would then be sent to One Eighty’s premises where samples are machined from it and subsequently tested according to the relevant standard. One Eighty’s welding team will then produce the welding procedure documentation and lab report. In similar fashion, this service extends to welder performance qualification.


Jan-Paul assists in the training of Fabrinox’s welding staff at their Jan van Riebeeck Road site, particularly the inspectors and their team leaders. He provides continuous input and feedback to the welding team to help them optimise their welding, maintain and calibrate their equipment, and develop their skill sets to in turn diversify Fabrinox’s capabilities on a whole. Jan-Paul offers whole day training sessions which focus of quality system, welding processes, consumables and best-practice welding coordination.

In addition to his services as a welding coordinator, Jan-Paul’s background in Metallurgy has enabled him to assist with several non-welding related projects for Fabrinox. These include failure investigations and material selection. In a recent case, an international customer requested the fabrication of a component from a steel designated under the Italian standardisation system. Jan-Paul could help Fabrinox source a locally produced steel of metallurgical equivalence.

One Eighty has sincerely appreciated its long-standing partnership with Fabrinox and looks for forward to a bright future of value added service.

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