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In Cape Town’s V&A Warerfont is a very elegant hotel called the Silo Hotel.

In front of the Silo Hotel is an art piece,  made up of a number of grinding media that were used in the old historic mill which milled what flour stored in the silo which became the Silo Hotel, hence its name.

The grinding media needed to be welded to create the art piece and the Silo Hotel contracted Dr Janet Cotton and her team at One Eighty to consult on this job.  Each one of these cylinders, with the spokes on the inside, were separate, and they had to be joined together in this configuration by way of welding.

No one is Cape Town was keen on doing the job because the grinding media are actually historic monuments and therefore everyone was too scared to put the welding torch near them in case they broke or fractured or were destroyed in some way. This is where One Eighty’s metallurgy and welding engineering experince came into play and we developed the welding procedures for the work and oversaw all of the welding work that had to be done on site outside of the silo.

In this video, Dr Janet Cotton explains the work that we did on this historic antique cast iron sculpture outside the main entrance of the well-known luxurious and exclusive Silo Hotel in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.
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