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Wear refers to the erosion of a material when it is in sliding motion with the surface of a second material. The wear rate is usually determined in terms of the mass loss of the material over a period of time.

Wear testing is a key mechanical and biomedical test that helps predicting the lifespan of a material in a particular system. The results of the wear study is one of the key properties in selecting a material.  For example in the orthopaedics industry the wear rate of the material should be as low as possible in order to prevent the accumulation of wear debris in the body.

There are several testing methods (for example ASTM standards) that describes the parameters of the test procedure for a specific material or system. The wear rates of different systems such as: metal-polymer, metal-metal and ceramic-polymer can be conducted at One Eighty (Pty) Ltd. The parameters such as load, frequency and aqueous medium can be altered according to the desired requirements.


One Eighty (Pty) Ltd currently possess 3 wear testers and is able to conduct the wear testing of 6 samples simultaneously. The wear tester at One Eighty (Pty) Ltd can conducted 99999 uninterrupted cycles while generated graphical data according to the specifications requested by t he client.


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