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Renewable Energy is an industry that has been growing rapidly for many years now, and one which requires a wise range of materials testing and metallurgical engineering services.

One Eighty has been  consulting in the fields of metallurgy and materials testing in the renewals industry, particularly for wind farms, since 2022.

This includes:

  • Root case failure analysis/failure investigation
  • Metallurgical consulting
  • Weld procedure qualification and weld testing
  • 3.2 Inspection
  • Corrosion testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Chemical analysis
  • Testing of paint and coatings
  • Materials selection analysis
  • Wear testing
  • Advanced materials testing – for example, lubricants

This includes a number of on-site tests that we are accredited for

One Eighty Materials Testing is Africa’s most widely scoped ISO 17025:2017 and accredited materials testing laboratory. We are
We are known for our commercial turnaround times and intelligent, comprehensive results.

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