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Biotechnology and Industrial Chemistry

In 2021, the game has evolved, but the playing field remains the same. Beer brewing, winemaking, baking, and cheese production continue in much the same vein – with some tweaks and innovations over time. On the high-end of the scale – biotechnologists are responsible for the production of recombinant proteins, vaccines, advances in genetic therapeutics, and prosthetics (to name only a few).

Quality Managament Systems Consulting

As an established Laboratory, not only supporting routine testing, but Engineering Consultancy Work, One Eighty Materials Testing (Pty) Ltd has achieved Its status as the most Widely Scoped Materials Testing Laboratory in Africa by means of its ISO 17025:2017 Quality Management System. Being Bureau Veritas Approved, and exposed to numerous facets of Industry on a daily basis, we understand the critical need and positive influence an implemented Quality Management System can have on any Company.

Accreditations and Memberships

It is very important to use an accredited laboratory for metallurgical testing. Metallurgy and materials science and testing are professional services, and it is critical that one uses an accredited and professional firm for these services.



The South African Institute of Marine Engineers and Naval Architects


Southern African Institute of Welding

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