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Inaugural Root Cause Analysis Africa Conference 2024

Cape Town, South Africa

Planned for 5-7 June
to be confirmed on 30 April

Call for Papers extended
until 6 May 2024


Materials Engineering stands at the forefront of Professional Engineering Disciplines worldwide, experiencing unparalleled growth in the last century. Engineers now wield a vast array of options to craft items for diverse applications, not just within traditional materials like steel, but also across a spectrum of novel materials. The evolution from grey cast iron to an expansive range of casting options showcases the field’s remarkable progress.
In this dynamic landscape, polymers have revolutionised applications, displacing metal alloys in various scenarios. The shift from traditional to innovative materials, such as glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), reflects the industry’s adaptability. GRP, once limited to surfers, now finds application in sophisticated fibres like Kevlar, reshaping industries from boat building to aerospace.

Materials Engineering expertise extends beyond material selection to include corrosion protection coatings and wear-resistant applications. From hot dip galvanising to advanced metal matrix composites, the field encompasses a breadth of possibilities.
While optimising material properties through proper processing is crucial, it’s disheartening that, in many economies, attention to materials often surfaces only when they fail. Blind specification decisions without Materials Engineering expertise and a focus on the cheapest options during procurement lead to costly repercussions. The lack of understanding during manufacturing processes, like improper heat treatment due to financial decisions, can result in product recalls.

The Inaugural Root Cause Analysis Conference aims to shed light on Professional Materials Engineering as a pivotal discipline for thriving economies. Although Materials Engineering Expertise and Accredited Testing Facilities thrive in Europe, the USA, and the Middle East, these resources remain scarce in Africa. Emerging sectors, such as Oil and Gas, demand world-class expertise, making this conference a critical platform to foster awareness and bridge the knowledge gap in our continent’s emerging economies. One Eighty, with 22 years of providing reliable and effective expertise in Africa, is honoured to host and sponsor this conference, championing the need for Materials Engineering proficiency across industries in our region.


R15 000 incl VAT incl. Gala Dinner
Additional attendee for Gala Dinner: R850 incl VAT
Student rate:
R9 000 incl VAT excl.the Gala Dinner


Email: or call +27 21 447 5258 for more information

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