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One Eighty offers comprehensive Quality Management Systems consulting

Why Quality Management Systems?

Quality Management Systems are an essential and critical component to any Company.

While a Quality Management System should achieve compliance with a given Standard, the Quality Management System’s main purpose is to serve the Company; the Quality System should work for the Company, not the other way around.

When a Quality Management System’s processes work for the Company, the benefits are notably experienced, from the obvious benefits of coordinating and directing an organization’s activities, to meeting customer and regulatory requirements, improving effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis, ensuring changes in the systems and processes result in superior quality products and services,  to the nitty-gritty aspects of traceability, right down to the date the Company received its first order; all of this creates an environment where optimization and customer satisfaction becomes the permanent key.

In the past, Quality Management Systems have been viewed as overwhelming unnecessary administration, yet now, Industry is experiencing a Quality shift. Quality is becoming a non-negotiable necessity in order to achieve Industry Best Practice Compliance.

As an established Laboratory, not only supporting routine testing, but Engineering Consultancy Work, One Eighty Materials Testing (Pty) Ltd has achieved Its status as the most Widely Scoped Materials Testing Laboratory in Africa by means of its ISO 17025:2017 Quality Management System. Being Bureau Veritas Approved, and exposed to numerous facets of Industry on a daily basis, we understand the critical need and positive influence an implemented Quality Management System can have on any Company.

One Eighty Materials Testing (Pty) Ltd.’s collective Quality Team is able to offer the following suite of services to help you and your Company achieve your desired Quality Management System Objectives.

Currently, our area of expertise covers the following ISO Standards:

  • ISO 17025:2017 – General Competency for Testing and Calibrations Laboratories.
  • ISO 3834-2 – Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials.
  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System Requirements.

Quality Management Systems Gap Analysis

By conducting a Needs-Analysis, we are able to identify the existing Quality Management System Gaps within your Company’s current Quality Systems and propose phases of implementation to mitigate the identified compliance shortfalls, ensuring the required level of readiness is achieved, in preparation for accreditation.

Gap-Analysis services are offered to Companies with an existing Quality System, or Companies seeking accreditation.


Quality Systems Implementations

We understand the confusion and stress that accompanies the roll-out of a new Quality Management System. How do you interpret the required Standard, how do you ensure clause compliance – it can become overwhelming. Having a Quality Mentor to guide you through the integration of each clause, standard operating procedures, templates, and method validations required to be implemented, makes the entire process manageable, and the benefits of having a Quality Management System tangible.

System implementations are offered to Companies with an existing Quality System looking to extend their Scope of Accreditation, or Companies looking to implement their initial ISO Quality Management System and achieve accreditation.


Quality Management System Optimisations

Without proper implementation, maintenance and improvement, any Quality Management System can become outdated and ineffective. Internal factors and circumstances can lead to a Quality Management System becoming unmanageable, in most cases, all that is required is a fresh set of eyes trained in System Optimization.

If a changeover of personnel and Company structural transitions is rendering your Quality Management System ‘’stuck’’ we will assist you in optimizing the current processes and systems in place and breathe new life into your existing Quality Management System.

System Optimization is offered to any Company interested in improving and elevating their current Management Systems.


Internal Quality Management Progress Assessments

Preparing for an Audit or the first round of your Accreditation can leave you feeling unsure about whether what you have implemented within your Company is compliant. Our collective Quality Team can build your confidence by offering Progress Internal Assessments – a Readiness Internal Audit.

This Progress Internal Audit serves as a ‘’mock’’ ISO Audit and helps your Company identify any existing System gaps and clear any nonconforming work, to ensure a level of Quality Management confidence is achieved, and to expose the designated personnel to the processes that shall occur during an ISO Audit, and what can be expected during the final Accreditation Audit.

Progress Internal Assessments are offered to any Company preparing for an ISO Audit, or any Company with a newly implemented Quality Management System looking to ensure their compliance readiness.

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