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As a consulting metallurgical and materials engineering firm, One Eighty is able to add real value to the mining industry

One Eighty is a consulting metallurgical and materials engineering company. Our offering is to provide high level technology to solve real life problems. Real life problems in the mining sector could be repeated failure of key process equipment which results in production disruption due to increased frequency of stoppages and higher maintenance costs. An investigation on the root cause for failure specifically to mitigate repeat failures can then prevent the losses associated with ongoing downtime and possible loss of production.

Further, parts, fittings or components that have less than favourable life cycle in service could also be assessed to change the materials that are used making them last longer in service. This could result in savings in terms of the reduced disruption in the process and lower maintenance costs.

One Eighty is supported with its SANAS accredited laboratory to ISO 17025 where all necessary metallurgical tests can be conducted to determine the root cause for failure. One Eighty has a highly unique and efficient approach to failure investigation always determining the root cause for failure and specifying recommendations to prevent failure in the future.

Contact Dr Janet Cotton on or 021 447 5258 to find out more.


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