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One Eighty has a comprehensive internship programme. At any time, we have between six and twelve technical interns working with us.

Most of our interns come from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and complete their P1 and P2 (year of in-service training) with us as part of their National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. The National Diploma includes two theoretical years at CPUT and one practical year, which is the year the interns work with us. During this year, they are welcomed to One Eighty as a staff member and earn a salary from One Eighty.

On completion of their National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, most of the interns will then complete their Bachelor of Technology or B.Tech. This can be completed full time at CPUT over a year, or part time over two years while continuing to work for One Eighty. One of the many qualification criteria to be a technical signatory for One Eighty is a B. Tech.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Bhongo Mzizi, initially completed his internship at One Eighty and then completed his B. Tech part time while continuing to work for us.
It is ultimately very rewarding to see many of our interns like Bhongo develop careers in Materials Engineering and Mechanical Engineering through their experience with us.


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