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One Eighty Materials Testing is Africa’s most ISO 17025:2017 scoped metallurgical and materials testing laboratory. Adding to our very comprehensive materials engineering and consulting offering, we now offer Anti-corrosion, Acid-proofing, and Coatings consulting.

In 2020, Neil Holtshausen joined the One Eighty Materials Testing team. Neil is a NACE CIP competent person and has 20+ years of practical experience working with coatings, acid-proofing, and corrosion in the Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas and Marine industries across Africa.

NACE International is the recognised Worldwide Corrosion Authority. NACE was established in in 1943 by eleven corrosion engineers from the pipeline industry and was then known as the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. Today, NACE serves nearly 37,000 members across the globe in over 140 countries and is the globally recognised premier authority for corrosion control solutions.

Through NACE, Neil is qualified to provide expert consulting and sign off on a wide range of painting, coating, and anti-corrosion applications.

Neil can specify the correct coating to be used, specify the application process and the surface preparation and the witnessing and signing off, thereof.

The correct surface preparation, method of surface application and the coating used is critical for corrosion protection, acid integrity and ultimately for risk mitigation.

It is a non-negotiable to consult on these aspects for any industrial or commercial application. Industries where corrosion is a certain risk such as mining, offshore shipping and oil and gas industries are well versed in mitigating risk by signing all coating prep, application, and choice of coating off with a NACE inspector.

To find out more about how One Eighty can assist your business or industry mitigate risk with our coating expertise, email


Neil Holtshausen



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