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[our_team heading=”Dr Janet Cotton” title=”Founder and Director” subtitle=”Bsc (Eng), PHD (Materials Engineering UCT), PR Eng” link=””]Member: MLA, SAIMM, SAIMENA, SASSDA, Corrosion Institute, SAIW
My passion has always been to bring engineering and technology to solve real life problems. In order to give expression to this passion, I started up One Eighty in 2002. I enjoy solving problems in all areas of engineering and every time I am faced with a new problem or something I have not seen before I very much enjoy the challenge. Click here for more.[/our_team][our_team][/our_team][our_team][/our_team][our_team][/our_team][our_team][/our_team][our_team][/our_team][our_team][/our_team][our_team][/our_team]
[our_team heading=”Paul Swanepoel” title=”Geneal Manager”][/our_team][our_team][/our_team][our_team][/our_team]
[our_team heading=”Bhongho Mzizi” title=”Chief Technical Officer”][/our_team][our_team][/our_team][our_team][/our_team]
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