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One Eighty has changed our formal company name to One Eighty Materials Engineering. We are a consulting engineering company in the field of materials engineering that has its own accredited lab.

It is critical for a materials engineering consulting business to make use of accredited testing methods. Our root cause analysis reports are often used in litigation and without the test methods used in the investigation being accredited little value can be placed on the result. This is in line with International approach, and as South African company we feel strongly that we are on the right path following international standards.

We also supply consulting services in the field of Materials Selection Analysis and the lab also helps us with these studies. We can run exposure tests on selected materials and compare to current material used to demonstrate longevity.

Finally, all consulting engineers at One Eighty have to be competent on all test methods and at times required to assist when we take on large mega projects for the oil and gas industry in Angola and other parts of Africa. The benefit for the consulting engineers is that they see first-hand how various materials behave during welding and often when trouble shooting for a failed procedure a considerable amount is learned about metallurgy of that particular material. We are even privileged sometimes to conduct detailed analysis requiring TEM and other high-level technologies to solve an urgent problem for the project outside of the qualification of the welding procedures.

OEME (One Eighty Materials Engineering) is the only materials engineering consulting company in Africa that has its own accredited lab with the largest number of accredited test methods and deals with all engineering materials; steels; low alloy and HSLA steels; stainless steel incl duplex range; inconel; cobalt alloys; nickel alloys; titanium alloys; all the polymers including thermoplastics thermosets and elastomers; composite materials no matter the matrix and filler; natural materials like wood; ceramic materials; construction materials.

We also work in whatever industry materials have to perform: automotive, aerospace, defence food and beverage, ship repair, oil and gas, medical devices, packaging, boat building, mining, manufacturing, renewable energy… the list is endless.

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