Meet Kerry-Anne White, our Advanced Materials Scientist

Kerry-Anne White is our Advanced Materials Scientist. She works alongside Johan Cornelissen in our Advanced Materials Department. Advanced Materials (also referred to as non-metallic materials) is […]

One Eighty’s Internship Programme

One Eighty has a comprehensive internship programme. At any time, we have between six and twelve technical interns working with us. Most of our interns come […]

The importance of the quality of machining samples for mechanical testing in laboratory conditions

The quality of machining samples for mechanical testing in laboratory conditions is a critical consideration when choosing a testing facility.   Introduction In order to comply […]
Materials Selection Analysis

One of One Eighty’s specialist services as consulting metallurgical and materials engineers and scientists is Materials Selection Analysis. Materials selection is a critical step in any […]

Meet André Saayman, certified International Welding Engineer

One Eighty is excited to welcome André Saayman to our team. André is a Mechanical Engineer and certified International Welding Engineer (IIW-IWE) with many years of […]

Meet Dr Janet Cotton

Dr Janet Cotton founded One Eighty in 2002, and the company today is the most widely scoped ISO accredited materials testing laboratory in Africa. Janet has […]

Compliance is a key risk mitigator! Why it is critical to use a professional and accredited metallurgy firm

Metallurgy and materials science and testing are professional services, and it is critical that one uses an accredited and professional firm for these services. Compromising on […]

One Eighty’s marine manufacture and boat building industry offering

The boatbuilding industry is dominated by the use of Advanced Materials. Examples of these are composites, resins, polymers and GRP (fiberglass). The industry also uses a […]

One Eighty’s value to the mining industry

As a consulting metallurgical and materials engineering firm, One Eighty is able to add real value to the mining industry One Eighty is a consulting metallurgical […]
What is metallurgy

What is Metallurgy?

What is Metallurgy? Dr Janet Cotton, Director and Founder of One Eighty Industry Technology Partner, explains   Metallurgy is the study of structure property relationships of […]