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Macro hardness testing is used to measure the hardness of any material.  We test metallic material with the Vickers scale, which is the most modern method for testing engineering materials.

We can convert this to any hardness scale as required by the client.  Vickers is suitable for testing any hardness range and is the most versatile testing method.  We have a range of test loads that allow us to measure very soft material as well as very hard materials.  In the past Brinell would be used for testing soft material and Rockwell testing for hard materials.  Now days with the wide range of loads that can be applied to the tester, both soft and hard materials can be tested.

We can also test the hardness of ceramic materials.  We use the cracks that are measured from the indent to determine the fracture toughness of the material in MPa.m1/2 Hardness surveys are required for weld procedure qualification record (WPQ) testing where tests are conducted in the weld material and heat affected zone and parent material according to a prescribed array in the codes.

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