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Determination of fusion strength between weld metal and base metal

ASME IX, AWS D1, ASTM A370, ABS Rules and BS EN ISO 5173


Three point bend tests are required as part of a weld procedure qualification (WPQ) record. Bend test samples are machined through the root and the face of a weld as is required.

Bend testing involves making a sample which is flat and long, and bending it in a mandrel through 180°.

The bend surface is inspected for cracks, in order for the WPQ to pass there should be no cracks in the weld metal.

Bend testing is also used to test the strength of composite materials such as glass fibre re-inforced plastic or carbon fibre or Kevlar fibre composites.

Bend testing is also required for testing of wires and re-inforced steel bars.

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