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In this staff feature, we introduce you to Nirvanah Govinden, our Junior Consulting Engineer and Project Co-ordinator. Nirvanah joined One Eighty a year ago and has made an incredible impact to our team. She has a very bright engineering future ahead of her!

How long have you worked at One Eighty?

I have worked at One Eighty since January of 2023.


What is your current role and what does that entail?

I am a Junior Consulting Engineer and Project Coordinator.

My role as a Junior Consulting Engineer is the technical portion of my job. This entails performing various metallurgical and material testing, assisting with root cause failure analyses, and contributing to expert witness cases.

Simultaneously, as the Project Coordinator for One Eighty, I am responsible for the management of our Weld Procedure Qualifications (WPQs). This entails engaging with clients to thoroughly understand their requirements and collaborating with them to develop comprehensive project plans to meet specific timelines and project goals. Working closely with our Laboratory Manager, I ensure the seamless coordination and successful execution of our WPQs. This involves resource allocation, quality control measures, and effective communication to guarantee that our projects meet or exceed client expectations.

Nirvanah Govinden

What do you love most about working for One Eighty?

I love that I am able to embrace a dual role at One Eighty where I manage projects while maintaining my technical role. The complexities of handling WPQs consistently introduces new challenges, demanding the implementation of corrective action and innovative solutions. Simultaneously, the consulting aspect of my role exposes me to a diverse array of requests from various industries, ensuring that each day brings unique and exciting challenges.

Beyond the intricacies of the work itself, what truly sets One Eighty apart is its exceptional work culture. The company fosters an environment of mutual respect, where every team member, regardless of their role—be it management, admin, technician, or engineer—collaborate seamlessly as a unified team working towards a common vision. It creates a supportive atmosphere where everyone is willing to help, and it significantly contributes to the overall satisfaction and success of our projects.


What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

I enjoy dedicating quality time spent with family and friends. Being a Capetonian, the allure of a sunset never fails to captivate me. However, given the demands of my job, I highly value moments when I can unwind and do nothing. There is a special joy in simply curling up with a movie, relishing in the absence of stress, and allowing myself to recharge.


Where do you see your future in materials engineering?

I would like to further enrich my knowledge and expertise in the field to not only excel in my current roles but also to take on more challenging responsibilities.


What inspires you?

What inspires me is the opportunity to make a positive impact and contribute to meaningful work. I find inspiration in challenging projects that require creativity and problem-solving. Additionally, witnessing the growth and success of a team, as well as the ability to learn and adapt in a dynamic environment, motivates me. Ultimately, the prospect of overcoming obstacles, learning new things, and contributing to a larger purpose inspires me to give my best effort and strive for continuous improvement.


What is your favourite quote?

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

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