Meet Kerry-Anne White, our Advanced Materials Scientist

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What is a 3.2 inspection and why is critical in marine and offshore manufacture?

Kerry-Anne White is our Advanced Materials Scientist. She works alongside Johan Cornelissen in our Advanced Materials Department.

Advanced Materials (also referred to as non-metallic materials) is a critical field of Materials Science. It is a field of work that keeps us very busy with a wide range of materials testing, root cause failure investigation and very interesting investigative and risk mitigation work.

Kerry-Anne has an MSc in Supramolecular chemistry – she looked at the thermodynamics of gas adsorption by metal organic frameworks – and in doing this, gained many skills that lend themselves well to problem solving and research.

Kerry-Anne enjoy crossovers of scientific fields and constantly works on expanding her knowledge in this regard:

  • Engineering and chemistry – corrosion, metallurgy, polymers used in industry
  • Analytical chemistry techniques used to solve engineering materials problems
  • Chemistry of everyday life, like food and cosmetics.

Kerry-Anne has a blog that she researches in her spare time called The Pocket Alchemist – it is intended to help the everyday consumer figure out the jargon on the back of products, and not get caught out by marketing terms and pseudoscience claims. It is really worth following! You can follow her on Instagram @pocket_alchemist ( or on Facebook at

Kerry-Anne also has experience with the formulation of nutritional supplements and some botanical pharmaceuticals.

When she does not have her head immersed in science, Kerry-Anne plays hockey semi-competitively in a club league and she enjoys cooking and baking – she loves the science and sensory overlap! She also loves to hike, especially in the Cape with all the fynbos, and of course, The Pocket Alchemist keeps her busy.

Kerry-Anne can be contacted on