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One Eighty is ISO 17025:2017 accredited through SANAS for a wide range of metallurgical tests and has the most widely scoped metallurgical testing laboratory in Africa

One Eighty’s schedule of accredited metallurgical tests:

Mechanical Tests


Standard Specifications

Tensile Testing At room temperature, up to 600kN, yield point elongation 0.2%, proof stress 0.5% ASTM E8, BS EN ISO 6892-1, BS EN ISO 10002-1 and ASTM A370
Impact Testing Up to 300J, -50◦C to room temperature lateral expansion, percentage of sheer fracture ASTM E23, ISO 148-1
Microstructural Analysis Determination of microstructure ASTM E3
Microstructural Analysis Ferrite count and ferrite percentage ASTM E562 and ASTM E1245
Micro Examination Determination of microstructure in the field ASTM E1351
Macro Examination Determination of weld defects ASTM E340 and ISO 5817
Macro Examination Determination of fillet weld size ASTM E340 and ISO 5817
Hardness Testing Determination of Vickers Hardness ASTM E384 and conversions to other hardness according to ASTM E140
Portable Hardness Test On-site Equotip Leeb portable hardness tester limited to a minimum sample weight of 5kg and sample thickness of 3mm ASTM A956 and ASTM E110
Corrosion Test Measurement of susceptibility to intergranular corrosion attack ISO 3651-2
Corrosion Test Mass loss per time ASTM A262C and ASTM G48
Corrosion Test Pitting under 20x magnification ASTM A923C
Bend Testing Determination of fusion strength between weld metal and base metal ASME IX, AWS D1, ASTM A370, ABS Rules and BS EN ISO 5173
Chemical Analysis

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Laboratory spectrometric chemical analysis for determination of C, Mn, P, S, Cu, Ni, Cr, Mo, Nb, V, Ti, Al, As, B, Bi, Ca, Ce, Co, Si , Sn, Ca, Zr, Sb, Pb, Fe, Ta, La, Ti, W and N by OES ASTM E415 and ASTM A751


Metallurgical tests - ISO 17025:2017 accredited


Most Widely Scoped Materials Testing Laboratory in Africa

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