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Industry requirements in the Food and Beverage industry:

  • Clean working conditions
  • Reliable throughput
  • Product quality and integrity
  • Packaging efficiency and quality


Industry challenges include:

  • Downtime
  • Reduced throughput
  • Equipment failure
  • Equipment maintenance frequency
  • Equipment efficiency
  • Product contamination
  • Loss of product
  • Loss of product quality
  • Packaging failure
  • Packaging contamination


One Eighty provides solutions to the Food and Beverage industry to assist in meeting industry requirements, meeting the challenges and solving problems.

These solutions include:

Failure investigation Root cause analysis:

  • Equipment failure and correction
  • Product failure and correction
  • Equipment and process efficiency

Product testing and evaluation:

  • Source of contamination
  • Root cause for degradation

Packaging optimisation:

  • Design, manufacture, assembly optimisation

The advantage of using One Eighty’s services in the Food and Beverage Industry:

  • Confidence in process & equipment
  • Ensured product quality
  • Improved and reliable throughput

A look into One Eighty’s unique and bespoke offering to the Food and Beverage Industry

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