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One Eighty has developed a Ferroxyl Test Kit in accordance with ASTM A380. The kit is an easy-to-use, self-testing apparatus made for both commercial and industrial applications utilising stainless- steel.

With the aid of One Eighty’s Ferroxyl Test Kit, one can ascertain whether the passive oxide layer of stainless steel is intact or if it has been compromised which can result in various degrees of corrosive attack if not adressed.
According to ASTM A380 (Section 7), the ferroxyl test is a hypersensitive test for any free iron contamination on stainless steel surfaces.

The test can detect multiple sources of iron contamination which is a hazard in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and medical industries, to name a few.

The outcome of the test will provide the user with a visible indicator to the degree of potential iron contamination on the tested surface and inform planning strategies on how to mitigate the associated risk factors.

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