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Accreditation is a formal process of assessing and recognising whether a conformity assessment body that offers services is competent to provide such services. SANAS is an acronym for the South African National Accreditation System. SANAS is the only body in South Africa mandated by the Accreditation for Conformity Assessment, Calibration and Good Laboratory Practice Act No. 19 of 2006 to provide accreditation services to conformity assessment service providers in South Africa.

Operating under the banner of SANAS Accreditation is more than just an accredited test schedule, facility number or a certificate on a wall, the ISO 17025 Quality System benefits are many:

•    Improved management policies
•    More effective and efficient operations
•    Stronger risk management strategies
•    Reduction in incidents
•    Enhanced team awareness
•    Credibility with government and customers
•    Marketing edge
•    Greater customer trust
•    Professional self-respect
•    Improved documentation
•    Improved consistency
•    Improved access to markets
•    Improved supplier relations
•    Improved productivity
•    Improved employee morale
•    Improved customer services
•    Greater customer focus
•    International recognition

From both a technical and management vantage point, an ISO 17025 accredited system, when efficiently implemented, always favours the best interests of the customer.

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