Consulting Engineering


Optimisation of Drill Rod Heat Treatment

Drill rods for geological operations consist of one end threaded internally to form a pin, and the other end threaded externally to form a box. The […]

Galvanising evaluation

An investigation was conducted into galvanised and painted sheeting of Chinese origin.

Oxide layer testing of stainless steel ASTM A380-06

A stainless steel panel used as an insulating panel for various outdoor applications required surface analysis to determine the integrity of the oxide layer. Figure 1 […]

Failure Investigation and Materials Selection Analysis on Copper Pipes on a Distillation Condenser

The condenser tubes on a gas cooler used in a whisky distillation plant have shown extensive corrosion over a 5 year period resulting in failure of […]

Materials Selection Analysis for a Hinge Pin on a Diving Bell Door

A diving bell has two doors, manufactured from AISI 316 pressure grade stainless steel, which open and close by sliding against a hinge pin. The hinge […]

Material Selection for Roof Sheeting

A poultry farm experienced premature failure (2 years) of IBR pure zinc galvanised roof sheeting. This was found to be due to severe attack by high-sulphur […]

Alluminium Plate Material

Test material from a 30mm Aluminium plate was supplied for weld procedure qualification testing for the application of hull construction.  The material grade is Al 5083-H111 […]