One Eighty is a key technology and integrity partner in Welding Engineering

What is Welding Engineering?


Welding Engineering is concerned with all aspects/phases of joining that lead to manufacture of product,

Common industry problems in Welding Engineering include

  • Lack of knowledge documenting welding procedure
  • Reliance on a third party companies to manage the process, but this third party does not take responsibility
  • Welding is seen as a “black art” and not as a science

One Eighty’s experience in Welding Engineering is extensive, and includes:

  • Setting up ISO 3834 system from scratch
  • A welding coordinator who is responsible for more than one company (ISO 3834-2)
  • Qualifying PQR, specifying WPS, qualifying welders
  • Cr-Mo materials (up to P91), low temp/fine grained alloy steel (-50°C impacts), stainless steel, aluminium
  • Translating technical requirements into practical welding instructions

Solutions that One Eighty offers in Welding Engineering:

Three basic levels in design:

  • LEVEL 1 – Client knows requirements and wants it documented
  • LEVEL 2 – Client has a rough idea, but requires improvements/tweaking to current welding process
  • LEVEL 3 – Complete responsibility of designing joint, specifying process, parameters, etc.

Companies that require welding services, but do not have a full-time engineer:

WELDER QUALIFICATIONS – from qualifying one welder, to putting a system in place and maintaining it for you

ISO 3834 QUALITY SYSTEM – Developing, maintaining and acting as welding coordinator

WELD MAPS – linking all welding related information

TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT – optimizing process, training, knowledge development