Technology Development

One Eighty offers a value proposition for technology development and commercialisation

What is technology development?

  • New product, process or system
  • Commercial value
  • Inventive and novel

What is commercialisation?

  • Moving from prototype to production
  • Developing the technology to sell at a good margin
  • Developing prototype to be reliable & efficient

The current industry status is

  • There is an abundance of great ideas
  • There is a good understanding of the market
  • There are many opportunities
  • Everyone wants to develop new things!

Industry challenges and problems include:

  • Limited resources
  • Priority is production
  • Limited attention to engineering materials
  • Limited ability to conduct trials and tests
  • Frustration

One Eighty’s solution includes:

  • Dedicated approach
  • Resources for development & testing
  • Extensive knowledge of engineering materials and manufacturing processes
  • Commercial approach
  • Design of experiments (DOE) powerful tool!

Examples of One Eighty’s technology development work include:

  • Advanced Nanocomposite Ceramics
  • Geo-polymers for dry walling
  • Optimisation of electro-polishing process

Why use One Eighty for Technology Development Projects?

  • Projects are on time in budget
  • The technology is commercially viable
  • Projects are carefully planned. This planning includes a scoping study, DOE, milestones and Gantt charts and a careful budget