One Eighty is SANAS and ISO accredited for materials testing and has the most widely scoped materials testing laboratory in Africa


Our lists of tests:

  • OE-TSP-03 TM01 Tensile Test Metals **
  • OE-TSP-03 TM03 Impact Test Metals **
  • OE-TSP-03 TM05 Vickers Hardness Test
  • OE-TSP-03 TM06 Spectrographic Analysis
  • OE-TSP-03 TM07 XRF Analysis *
  • OE-TSP-03 TM08 Microstructural Analysis
  • OE-TSP-03 TM011 Bend Test **
  • OE-TSP-03 TM19 Portable Hardness Test *
  • SEM/EDS* **
  • OE-TSP-03 TM12 Surface Roughness Measurement *
  • OE-TSP-03 TM13 Ferrite Count *
  • OE-TSP-03 TM14 Inclusion Count *


    This test is not SANAS accredited.
**   A portion of this test has been outsourced to an approved and accredited subcontractor as per section 0E-MSP04 SF07 and OE- MSP SF01 of the quality management system.



Most Widely Scoped Materials Testing Laboratory in Africa