Meet our Business Development Manager, Craig Swanepoel

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Craig Swanepoel

Craig Swanepoel is One Eighty’s Business Development Manager.

He has a BSc, BSc (Hon), and MSc from Stellenbosch and his an intertesting a multi-talented young man! We asked Craig a few questions about work and himself…


What do you do at One-Eighty? Tell us a bit more about your role:

At One-Eighty, I play the role of Business Development Manager (BDM). However, the title and job description vary from what my function within the company is. On the surface, I am tasked to identify new target markets and sectors of value. I act as an “icebreaker”, a point of intersection between the lab, consulting engineers, and our clients. I find and approach new clients, as well as develop the relationships with our existing clients. Additionally, as BDM, I exist to serve and assist the company in any way that is necessary to ensure the operation continues to run smoothly. I am a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades, and this reflects in the position I hold, and the functions I serve.


Where and what did you study?

I pursued both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Stellenbosch. By qualification, I am a biotechnologist, or “bio-engineer” for lack of a more appropriate alternative term. I completed my MSc in Plant Biotechnology in 2017 at the Institute for Plant Biotechnology, Stellenbosch University.


What are you reading at the moment?

I’m an avid reader, currently waiting on my favourite author, Brandon Sanderson, to release some new work. I mostly enjoy fantasy/science-fiction novels, and the occasional self-help or non-fiction title when I feel I need to self-actualise a bit.


What are your favourite leisure pursuits?

I am a musician on the side, having played and recorded music in many local bands. I’m a drummer, so maybe musician is a bit of a grandiose term for “I hit things with sticks”. I’ve been playing drums for around 13/14 years now, and it is my favourite creative outlet. I also enjoy a bit of gaming when I get an opportunity, reading, taking a drive and seeing new places. Overall, my main leisure pursuit is to strive to not take life too seriously, to take the time and enjoy the now, no matter what challenges you may face.


What motivates you?

As BDM I am motivated by the prospect of new markets and ventures, my drive is to continually grow the business. Personally, I am motivated by service to others and the community, in my mind it is the purest form of motivation. Life can be abundantly kind to you, one should not have to live it focusing inwards to be motivated.


Why do you love working for One Eighty?

The freedom of movement, and the autonomy I am granted as BDM. Both are invaluable to me successfully growing the business, and both are granted to me in abundance.


What is your favourite quote?

“Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.” – Brandon Sanderson