One Eighty are technology and integrity partners to the Defence industry

The Defence industry has numerous requirements, including zero tolerance for failure, systems integration, demanding applications and requirements and the meeting of government and environmental requirements. These require integrity partners.

The industry also requires complex and integrated systems, exotic and high-tech engineering materials, light weight requirements, manoeuvrability enablement, force protection and stealth. For this, technology partners are required.

One Eighty fulfils these roles.

The Defence Industry also faces many challenges, such as technology, the optimised development and use of advanced engineering materials, integrity and the implementation, verification and reliability assessment of manufactured products.

One Eighty has both the necessary expertise, skill and capacity for technology development and implementation and well as the accreditations, skills and experience for verification, reliability assessment and risk mitigation to provide solutions.

Examples of these solutions include advanced shape charge liner optimisation, optimisation of laser welding parameters, trouble-shooting rubber liners, rubber bullet assessment and the routine testing of exotic materials. The advantages if these solutions are advanced technology and product performance and ensured reliability, integrity and effectiveness.