Compliance is a key risk mitigator! Why it is critical to use a professional and accredited metallurgy firm

Metallurgy and materials science and testing are professional services, and it is critical that one uses an accredited and professional firm for these services. Compromising on […]

One Eighty’s marine manufacture and boat building industry offering

The boatbuilding industry is dominated by the use of Advanced Materials. Examples of these are composites, resins, polymers and GRP (fiberglass). The industry also uses a […]

One Eighty’s value to the mining industry

As a consulting metallurgical and materials engineering firm, One Eighty is able to add real value to the mining industry One Eighty is a consulting metallurgical […]
What is metallurgy

What is Metallurgy?

What is Metallurgy? Dr Janet Cotton, Director and Founder of One Eighty Industry Technology Partner, explains   Metallurgy is the study of structure property relationships of […]
Why one needs a materials engineer for a Capital Project

Why one needs a materials engineer for a capital project

It is critical to have a consulting materials engineer on a capital project. Why?   A capital project in its simplest form is a big chunk […]
Craig Swanepoel

Meet our Business Development Manager, Craig Swanepoel

Craig Swanepoel is One Eighty’s Business Development Manager. He has a BSc, BSc (Hon), and MSc from Stellenbosch and his an intertesting a multi-talented young man! […]
Upgrading of steel from the JR condition

Upgrading of steel from the JR condition: why this is very dangerous

Explaining why the industry misconception that one can upgrade steel from the JR condition is dangerous and why one must use an accredited laboratory.   It […]
Open Day

One Eighty to host an Open Day

One Eighty will be hosting an Open Day on Friday 15 February. Join us for a tour of the most widely scoped lab in Southern Africa followed […]

New Year message from One Eighty’s Founder and Director

Happy New Year! Having said that, I can’t believe we are at the end of January already – one twelfth of the way through 2019! It’s […]