Failure Investigation


Failure of Rubber Seals

It was suspected that a rubber seal failed due to contact with hydraulic oil that was contaminated with brake fluid.

Investigation of Failed Press Studs

The process of manufacturing a flexible exhaust coupling involves pressing studs into a flange to create an interference fit.   Figure 1: Flexible exhaust coupling After […]

Failure Investigation (Corrosion)

A vodka manufacturer noticed a change in their watermelon flavoured vodka from pink to colourless. Their lime flavoured vodka did not experience this change. One Eighty […]

Failure of Cylinder Head

The main engine on a commercial vessel was serviced after 72 000 running hours. The cylinder studs from the cylinder head experienced catastrophic failure. The studs were […]

Failure of a Cu-Al Heat Exchanger

An air-conditioning unit in a storage facility for chicken offcuts has copper tube-aluminium fin heat exchangers. Failure due to severe corrosion occurred after a service life […]