Advanced Materials


Investigation into blister formation of swimming pools

A swimming pool installer (with approximately 20 years’ experience installing polyester-glass fibre pools) had noticed that the installed pools start bubbling around two years after installation. […]

Investigation into the thickness of LLDPE rolls used to manufacture liquid bulk containers

A manufacturer of a liquid bulk containers was experiencing splitting of their containers leading to significant losses (material transported, as well as financial). One Eighty sampled […]

Investigating the discoloration of pink watermelon-flavoured vodka in an aluminium bottle

A vodka manufacturer noticed a change in colour or their pink watermelon-flavoured vodka, from pink to colourless. Their similar product, a lime-flavoured vodka, did not experience […]

An investigation into faulty plastic sleeves

One Eighty solves problems involving all engineering materials, not only metals. The non-metallic materials that we work with include polymers, composites, ceramic, glass and organic and […]

Discoloration of an outdoor coating

An outdoor coating on a residential property exhibits discolouration four years after application. One Eighty was assigned to investigate. Client Report The client reported the following: […]