One Eighty Integrated Engineering Solutions is a firm of Technology and Integrity Partners and consulting engineers.

One Eighty works across industries such as Oil and Gas, Marine, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Food and Beverage and Power Generation and in verticals that include Failure Investigation, Technology Development, Capital Projects, Non-metallic materials, Value-added Services, Welding Engineering, Auditory Function, Consulting Engineering.

One Eighty was established in 2002 and since then has developed a client base of over 200 clients nationally and internationally.  One Eighty has over 50 clients based in USA and Europe who routinely use the company’s services.  View some of our clients, here.

Read the story of One Eighty’s 15-year journey, here.

One Eighty provides a range of engineering solutions.  The company is made up of a team of highly creative, vibrant and well-trained engineers.  One Eighty prides itself on being able to solve highly technical problems with reliable skills and abilities.  The company specialises in applying high-level technical skills to everyday engineering problems providing elegant, efficient and cost-effective engineering solutions.

The engineering solutions that One Eighty provides includes:

Selection and evaluation of engineering materials for a specific application

  • Technology development projects
  • Manufacturing process optimization
  • Product design and development
  • Wide range of materials testing including
    • Corrosion testing and evaluation
    • Tensile testing, impact testing
    • Hardness testing
    • Compositional analysis
  • Reverse engineering of products and processes
  • Failure investigation
  • Expert witness work
  • Commercial research and development
  • Technology development
  • Capital projects risk mitigation and development

One Eighty is often asked to present on case studies and engineering subjects at various society meetings. View our case studies, here.

Who is One Eighty?

We are a group of metallurgical, materials and mechanical graduate consulting engineers.
We are technology and integrity partners to our customers.
We are supported with an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.
We use high-level technology to solve real-life problems, making products and processes efficient and reliable.

We would like to be the global partner of choice that provides the MATERIALS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS of today and tomorrow.
We provide value-added professional solutions in the field of materials science and engineering to all industry sectors.

Our engineering solutions focus on the challenges of manufactured products made of any material or chemical including: metallic alloys, polymers, ceramics, concrete, composites, organic and inorganic chemicals.

Our services are delivered with integrity, intelligence and innovation by our experienced professional engineers, supported by our accredited materials testing facility.
We have access to a wide range of expertise.
We have experience in a wide range of industry sectors.
We solve problems quickly and provide solutions that make a difference.
We provide answers.